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Pee Wee Opportunities Available
  ECHO is still accepting potential players at the Pee Wee...
Rising Stars 2016 Summer Hockey Clinic
General Notice: Board of Directors Elections
      ECHO Board Position Nomination and...
Obtaining a Release
To Obtain a Release.....   In order to obtain a release...
Pee Wee Opportunities Available


ECHO is still accepting potential players at the Pee Wee Level to round out our Tier 4 level teams. 

If you are interested in joining a program committed to player development and creating a positive hockey experience,

please contact either Trevor Bailey or Brian Wry at 


Want a sneak peak at the ECHO Development philosophy, atmosphere and events?  Check out our Welcome to ECHO tab above or click here:




by posted 05/16/2016
Rising Stars 2016 Summer Hockey Clinic

by posted 05/16/2016
General Notice: Board of Directors Elections




ECHO Board Position Nomination and Election Procedures


The procedures by which directors are nominated and elected to the ECHO Board of Directors are governed by the ECHO Constitution and Bylaws. In the interest of informing membership about these procedures in anticipation of the Annual Election Meeting, the ECHO Board of Directors is pleased to provide membership with a synopsis of the procedures and of the progress of the Nominating Committee for this year’s election, which is scheduled to take place on June 6, 2016 at 6:15pm.


1. Nominating Committee Appointment: The ECHO President or Co-Presidents, as the case may be, appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, a Nominating Committee to preside over and execute the nomination and election process. The Nominating Committee consists of at least three adult members of ECHO, with at least one member of the Nominating Committee being a currently serving director. The Nominating Committee for the 2016 election was appointed by the ECHO Co-Presidents and approved by the Board of Directors at its March monthly meeting. The Nominating Committee for the 2015 election consists of Joanne Holm, Nicole Dukett (Registrar), and Nominating Committee Chair, Andrew Bushnell (CHC Representative).


2.  Notification to ECHO Membership Regarding Open Board of Director Positions: The Nominating Committee issues a general notification to ECHO membership in order to announce open Board positions. The general notification remains open for a reasonable period of time to allow interested ECHO members to submit their names for consideration. The general notification will close at least thirty days prior to the Annual Election Meeting to allow the Nominating Committee to identify candidates for open positions prior to the Annual Election. If there are no qualified candidates identified for a specific open Board position during the general notification period, the Nominating Committee will post a special notification for this specific position. Only those members who have submitted their names for consideration during general or special notification periods will be eligible for consideration by the Nominating Committee as part of the candidate identification process. Therefore, any member who fails to submit his or her name for consideration before the close of the general or specific notification period will be ineligible to be placed on the slate of candidates for the Annual Election. The Nominating Committee for the 2016 election issued the general notification for open Board positions on March 15, 2016. The general notification period closed on March 31, 2016. 


3.  Candidate Identification: The Nominating Committee identifies potential candidates for any open Board positions. Candidates are identified on the basis of their qualifications and/or suitability for particular positions. The Nominating Committee will make every effort to place an identified candidate in a position for which the candidate has expressed a preference. In the event that no candidate is identified for one or more open positions, however, the Nominating Committee, in its sole discretion, may allocate identified candidates among the open positions on the ballot to ensure, so far as reasonably possible, a full slate of officers to serve on the Board. The Nominating Committee will notify each candidate so allocated prior to the election, and such candidate may withdraw his or her name from consideration. The Nominating Committee will present the candidates that it will identify for 2016 Annual Election to the Board of Directors at its April monthly meeting.


4.  Annual Election Meeting: The Nominating Committee presides over all aspects of the Annual Election Meeting. Not less than thirty days prior to the Annual Election Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall notify the ECHO membership about the date of the Annual Election Meeting. No additional names may be placed in nomination at the time of balloting at the Annual Election Meeting. During the Annual Election Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall collect and count the membership votes for the slate of candidates for open Board positions. The method by which votes are collected (e.g., ballot) and counted is at the discretion of the Nominating Committee and will be explained at the commencement of the Annual Election Meeting. Furthermore, such method will be consistently applied across all open Board positions. Each adult member who is properly registered and in good standing, as provided by the ECHO Constitution and Bylaws, and present at the Annual Election Meeting, may vote. The names of all successful candidates shall be announced after the votes have been collected and counted. Newly elected members of the Board of Directors shall take office immediately following the election.

by posted 05/04/2016
Obtaining a Release

To Obtain a Release.....


In order to obtain a release from ECHO please follow these steps:

1.  Ensure that all financial obligations to ECHO have been met, this is a USA Hockey & CHC regulation.  ECHO cannot release a player to play with another organization until all financial obligations are satisfied.  Should you have any questions about your status you can contact the ECHO Treasurer at 

2. E-mail the ECHO Registrar at requesting your players release, please include: skater's name, date of birth, street address, phone number and the organization the player is being released to. 


Thank you for your attention to these details and your patience while we process your request.

by posted 04/04/2016
ECHO in Action





ECHO Hockey Fest Intro Clip


Getting Started in Hockey

Please see our brand new postings under Learn to Play Hockey on the tab at the top of the page.


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