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5th Annual Picnic on the Pond - Save the Date...
2014/2015 ECHO Travel Skater Fee Schedule
2014 ECHO Golf Tournament Is Coming Soon!!!
ImPACT Testing for PeeWee and Bantam Players
 Announcing ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program for ECHO...
Hockey Summer Camps are Coming our Way!!!
I know it's hard to believe that we are letting you know about...
5th Annual Picnic on the Pond - Save the Date...
by posted 07/17/2014

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2014/2015 ECHO Travel Skater Fee Schedule
by posted 07/14/2014

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2014 ECHO Golf Tournament Is Coming Soon!!!
by posted 06/30/2014


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ImPACT Testing for PeeWee and Bantam Players
by posted 06/01/2014

 Announcing ImPACT Test Concussion Management Program
for ECHO PeeWee and Bantam Players


To follow up on our Winter 2011 Newsletter article, Concussion Testing,  ECHO has contracted ImPACT Applications, Inc. to provide a Concussion Management Program.  This program consists of an online tool to establish a Baseline for Concussion Management. 

ECHO has pre-paid ImPACT for testing for any/all PeeWee and Bantam ECHO players who wish to take the test.  Testing is limited to PeeWee and Bantams as the test is for players aged 11 years and older. Awareness of the effects and the dangers of concussions has grown rapidly recently. In the past year, both the NHL and NFL have changed rules to attempt to prevent the likelihood of concussions and have amended the protocols for concussed players to return to action. While youth sports bear much less risk of concussion than at higher levels of play, our awareness of and sensitivity to concussions has also risen.
The danger of continuing to play or returning to play before the injury has healed is now known to post risks greater than previously thought. When an athlete can safely return to play can confound players, parents, coaches and medical professionals alike. The best measure of fitness to return to play is not only a cessation of symptoms (headaches, etc.), but also a return of full cognitive function. The only way to know for certain whether an player has regained full function and therefore is completely healed is to have previously conducted baseline (pre-injury) testing of those functions.
The most widely recognized baseline concussion test is called an ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) test. The NHL and the USA Hockey National Team Development Program both utilize this test. CIAC, by State law, requires all public high school athletes who suffer a concussion to take an ImPACT test prior to return to play. The test is short (25 minutes) and painless.  It is almost like a video game and provides performance data on cognitive functions such as memory, concentration recognition and reaction time. By having been ImPACT tested before any potential injury, retesting of injured athletes allows medical professionals to precisely determine when an athlete has completely recovered and can safely be cleared to return to play.
The ImPACT Test is just one tool for consideration; It should not be the only deciding factor in returning a concussed skater to play.  All athletes should be cleared by their medical professional prior to returning to practice or games.
For additional information on concussions or the ImPACT Test, visit:    www.impacttest.com

A two page FAQ guide is available by contacting    Please use the following link for baseline testing: http://www.impacttestonline.com/impactteams

  • The player must be well rested and ready to concentrate for 25 min. The test environment MUST BE free of any & all distractions.
  • The computer must have a traditional mouse. Trackballs and touch pads will not provide accurate results.
  • If you are taking your exam on a laptop computer, make sure it is plugged into an electrical outlet and is not running on battery power.
  • Please close any applications other than ImPACT that are currently running on the computer.
  • The following code will need to be entered when an Athlete takes an ImPACT Baseline Test.
  • Customer ID Code for Eastern Connecticut Hockey Organization:   Code will be sent to all PeeWee and Bantam Players separately
  • The Organization wording above should be entered in the School/Organization section when you launch the baseline test program.

The ImPACT testing process is as follows:

  • Section 1: Demographic Information & Health History Questionnaire  
  • Section 2: Taking the test (baseline testing and post-injury testing)
  • Module 1: Word Memory
  • Module 2: Design Memory
  • Module 3: X's and O's
  • Module 4: Symbol Matching
  • Module 5: Color Match
  • Module 6: Three Letter Memory
  • Section 3 ImPACT Test Scores - Copies of the results can be obtained as needed for reference or post-injury follow-up by contacting Eric Levine  The information for the first component of the test can be gathered and entered by the exam supervisor/parent.  The Second component must be completed by the skater.
    Once you have checked out the ImPACT Test site and the  ImPACT Test - FAQ if you have any additional questions or require the Customer ID Code, send queries to Eric Levine.

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Hockey Summer Camps are Coming our Way!!!
by posted 03/11/2014

I know it's hard to believe that we are letting you know about summer camps for our hockey players, but it will be here before you know it!  Here is the first of excellent and many to come..... prepare ahead of time for your player to keep up their skills and expertise!

Ben Smith Summer Hockey Skills Development Camps

With Head Coach Ben Smith of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks
and Coach Tommy Cross of the AHL Providence Bruins

Two Sessions for Your Convenience!

July 28-31, 2014 — Newington Arena, Newington CT
August 4-7, 2014 — International Skating Center of Connecticut, Simsbury CT

For Experienced Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees and


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